Lincoln Shoe Leather Dye 3.5 fl oz.

$ 11.99

Brand Lincoln

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Lincoln Leather Dye is used to restore or change the color of leather by penetrating deeply into the leather. Lincoln Leather Dye can be known as oil dye or aniline dye or penetrating dye. When used to restore color, all built-up polish and dirt should be removed with Lincoln Dye Preparer. When dyeing a shoe to a new color, the old color should first be stripped off by using Lincoln Dry Cleaner And Spot Remover. Lincoln Leather Dyes are for dyeing shoes and other leather articles. Lincoln Colorless Dye contains the same fine ingredients as Lincoln Leather Dye - except the color - and is used as a dye-diluter to make all Lincoln Leather Dye colors into lighter shades, as desired. Lincoln Leather Dye comes with a dauber. Lincoln Leather Dye is made in the USA.

Lincoln Leather Dye is available in 22 colors. Lincoln Leather Dye and comes in a 3.5 fluid oz. Bottle.

Directions: To use Lincoln Leather Dye have shoes dry. Apply two coats of Lincoln Leather Dye allowing the first one to dry before applying the second coat. Excellent results are obtained by first cleaning the surface of leather with Lincoln Dye Preparer before applying Lincoln Leather Dye. When dry, polish with Lincoln Stain wax Polish. Allow shoes to dry 24 hours before wearing.