Women's Boots Rubber Half Sole and Heels

$ 65.00

Brand Model Shoe Renew

Women's Boots Half Sole and Heels (Rubber) 

  • Over time heels and soles of shoes are worn out which leads to damage of the foundation and construction of the boot. 
  • Replacing both the soles and heels and protecting them with rubber ensures a level walking surface, non-slip traction, and a prolonged life span of the item. 

What is Included in this Service?

  • Old worn down soles and heels are removed and base of shoes are cleaned and prepped 
  • New rubber soles and heels are applied to shoes and securely fitted to restore original condition 
  • Uppers of shoes are cleaned and conditioned with professional grade equipment and products to revitalize shoes 

What Happens after I Purchase a Repair Service? 

  • You will receive an email confirmation with a prepaid mailing label & Instructions on how to package your items 
  • Once we receive your item repairs can take anywhere from 1-4 business days and we will contact you for any further questions or evaluations if needed. 
  • After repairs are completed we will mail your item back to you finished and renewed!

At Model Shoe Renew, we can fix anything. Our work is 100% Guaranteed to last, which means that if any of our work loses its quality -other than normal wear and tear- we will fix it free of charge. We are very confident in our work, and  use the highest quality materials for all repairs we preform.

To speak to our Repair Consultant with any questions please call us at  +1(510) 843-7218

Also, you can email us, attaching your shoes photos, we will reply with our suggestion.

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