Teva Sandal Repair

$ 68.00

Brand Model Shoe Renew

Teva Sandal Repair  

  • We can repair any type of Teva sandals, we offer sole repair, heel repair and velcro replacement for Teva sandals 
What is Included in this Service?
  • Teva resoling: Old soles are removed and sanded. New Vibram rubber is applied to revitalize and renew sandals 
  • Teva Heel repair: Worn down heel portion is removed and new Vibram rubber is applied to revitalize original condition 
  • Teva Velcro Replacement: Worn down velcro loses it's security. We can apply new velcro to the straps to restore original condition of straps

What Happens after I Purchase a Repair Service? 

  • You will receive an email confirmation with a prepaid mailing label & Instructions on how to package your items 
  • Once we receive your item repairs can take anywhere from 1-4 business days and we will contact you for any further questions or evaluations if needed. 
  • After repairs are completed we will mail your item back to you finished and renewed!