Sanita Sonja Daisy Open Clog

This 70's throwback pattern clog is a popular choice among Berkeley shoppers. As summer rapidly approaches, many people are drawn (like bees to flowers) to this fun floral print design. Sanita uses the finest quality leathers and craftsmanship of clogs found anywhere. Choose supreme comfort with the classic stapled bottom featuring a specially designed sole which creates a subtle rocking motion that actually propels you forward with each step.    Sonja - Daisy
April 26, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel


Calling all Vegans that love plants! This beautiful blue clog is perfect for you. The colorful floral pattern is in style for the warm weather months. The Sanita Professional Vegan Bell Clogs in Blue Fabric were handcrafted in Denmark using no animal products. This clog has the same look and design as other Sanita clogs, but it is made with animal friendly materials. If you are conscious of the impact your dollar has on the earth, then feel guilt free for purchasing these. You may want to hurry though, for only $55.99 they won't be here much longer!

Green Goddess Clog

Clogs are a popular trend in Berkeley, California. When Sanita designed a deep green floral design we stocked up! This is the must-have for earthy goddesses. The wonderful thing about Sanita soles is that they create a subtle rocking motion that actually propels you forward while taking pressure off each step. This movement reduces the strain on your lower back and legs. The Sanita Agda is a unique plant lover clog.      Details: -Medium width-1 3/4" heel height-3/4" platform height-17oz weight approximately-Hand made in Europe-Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association-Absorbent insole provides comfort all day long-Protective heel cap prevents...
April 15, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel