The Minerva by Oh! Shoes

Oh! Shoes brand developed patented technology proven to improve foot health by significantly reducing painful stress and impact compared to other heel companies. The full length footbed is contour padded and removable. Combination suede and nappa leather upper with a traditional lacing system make slipping these heels on and off a breeze. The stable, shock absorbing heel provides comfort for athletes (and regular women) because they support the feet without worry of injuring the legs. These heels are highly recommended to women who spend the majority of the day standing, walking or running from place to place. A perfect investment for people interested in protecting the health of their...

The Florence Collection by J Shoes

The sturdy Florence heel by J Shoes is a comfortable must-have in every wardrobe. They are a lovely shoe, soft leather and very good quality. These heels are appropriate for women on their feet all day, and the bow on the front adds a nice feminine flair. Grab a couple pairs from the Closeout-Sale before they're gone for good! White/Tan Black Rust Red/Brick
April 24, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel


Remember all those cartoons we watched as children where the mom is up in the morning (barely awake) with a cup of coffee in her hand and a pair of fuzzy pink slippers on her feet? These slippers take me back to a time of innocence and curiosity. I used to wonder why adults always seemed so tired in the morning, yet I felt wide awake? Maybe it's because their slippers are so comfortable, it just makes them want to get right back in bed.  The Orchid Pink Noosa Slipper by Emu will definitely make your feet feel as if...