How to Check If Shoes are Worthy of Repair or Not

Choosing between repairing a shoe or buying a new one is not just a financial decision—it is often also an emotional one. After all, it can be hard to throw away a comfortable pair of shoes that has sentimental value. So how do you know if your old shoes are still worthy of shoes repair in Lafayette CA or if you should toss them and buy new ones? Here are some tips.

  • If only the soles are ruined, then your shoes can be fixed. The bottom part any shoe can always be repaired and replaced. Whether you own sneakers, rubber shoes, cowboy shoes, flats, or stilettos, you can have their soles swapped out. No matter how shredded and damaged they look because of overuse, a cobbler can return their old glory back and extend their life for years.
  • If the shoe repair cost is less than half of a pair of brand new shoes, then repair makes sense. Instead of buying another pair of high-end shoes that cost you more than a hundred dollars, why not go to a repair shop and pay $20? If the leather or the material is authentic, then it should be able to live through different soles and heels replacement.
  • If the shoes have a sentimental value, then a repair is worth paying for. But if they don't fit your feet anymore, maybe it's time to donate them to thrift stores instead.

If you are looking for superior shoe repair craftsmanship, be sure to choose a shop that fix more than just shoes. The best cobblers are known for handbag repairs, too. They are truly leather experts and they have the expertise and experience to do the job. Don’t have time to visit a repair shop? Then look up online and choose a shop that offers an online booking service.