Shoe Repair

Here at Model Shoe Renew, we can repair just about any type of shoe. Shoe Repair is our specialty, we can do any kind of repair with quality service. Here are just a small list of repairs we can do.

Full Soles (Leather or Rubber)

Half Soles (Leather or Rubber)

Half Sole "Rubber Protection": a layer of slip resistant rubber that is attached to a current sole or a new sole. Generally recommended when getting new Leather Full Soles. The Half Sole Rubber Protection prevents the original sole from wearing down. Overtime, when the rubber protector has been worn down, renewing them will make your original sole last infinitely. 

Toe Tip "Build Up": a layer of rubber, that is built up in the toe area of the sole. Everyone walks differently, some people wear out there heels on one side, and some wear out there toes. This job is to restore the layer of rubber lost in that particular region, to prevent a hole from appearing on the bottom of your toe area, as well as damaging the welt or attached material on the shoe itself.