Choose Sanita

At Model Shoe Renew, we proudly sell the finest quality products. Many of our customers notice the similarities between Dansko and Sanita clogs, and often ask us why we only sell Sanita brand shoes. 

Originally Sanita and Dansko were manufactured by the same company in Europe, but they split ways in 2007. After that, Sanita began distributing directly to the U.S. under their own name.

Sanita is our #1 choice of clogs because:

  1. they still use the same European manufacturer
  2. their materials are still made by the same artisans in a Sanita factory
  3. new Sanita clogs are exactly the same design as before

If you have an old Dansko made before 2008, and want to purchase a clog with the same quality and design that you love, then choose a Sanita. Comfort is our number one priority, but integrity is our second.