Men's Shoe Dyeing

$ 42.00

Brand Model Shoe Renew

Shoe dyeing allows you to customize your look! Love a shoe but it doesn't come in the color you love? No problem with shoe dyeing! Shoe dyeing allows you to get the shoe you want in the color you want. Bonus: You can dye your shoes after your wedding or event, which allows you to get more wear out them.
Our shoe dyeing yields fantastic results: The majority of the shoes we dye have no issues. 

Dyed shoes are not waterproof.

Our shoe dye is made from a water-soluble base. This means that the dye could fade or run slightly if it comes into contact with water. During typical wear, you shouldn't encounter any issues with the dye running, but you should steer clear of puddles and wet grass.

Our work is 100% Guaranteed, which means that if any of our work becomes faulty, we will fix it free of charge.

We are very confident in our work, and we use the best materials for any kind of repair.

To speak to our Repair Consultant with any questions please call us at  +1(510) 843-7218

Also, you can email us, attaching your shoes photos and the colors you need it, we will reply with our suggestion.

Other Types of Repair we provide it:

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  • Heel Plates
  • Stretching 
  • Dyeing
  • Shoe Repair
  • Boot Repair
  • Heel Repair
  • Resoling
  • Dance Shoe Repair
  • Purse & Handbag
  • Musical Instrument Cases
  • Luggage & Suit Cases
  • Backpack
  • Zippers
  • Leather Jacket
  • Wallets
  • Hats
  • Baseball Glove