Shoe Repair San Francisco

Shoe repair will extend the life of your favorite shoes, so if you find some damage or worn-out soles on your footwear, take them to Model Shoe Renew to have them checked by our cobblers. We can repair all kinds of shoes, including designer sandals and high-end footwear in San Francisco. Our store and repair service center is in downtown Berkeley, so you should be able to easily reach us when you need fast and reliable shoe repair. 

Model Shoe Renew is a leading instant shoe repair service and store that which sells high-quality footwear, belts, handbags, and other leather goods. We have been voted 'Best of the East Bay' in terms of service and our wide selection of shoes and other products. Our cobblers are qualified to repair leather, luggage, purses, and zippers, too. Moreover, we are the only authorized repair specialists for Birkenstocks in Berkeley, making us highly preferred by many clients in the Bay Area. 

Our store has been a family-run business since 1960. For decades, we have been known to provide friendly services, excellent workmanship, superior craftsmanship, and quick turnaround for all kinds of shoe repair. Doctors recommend Model Shoe Renew to anyone looking for comfortable and high-quality footwear to help with their foot problems, too. Drop by at our store in Berkeley to explore the wide selection of high-quality shoes from brands like Sanita, Haflinger, OTBT, and Birkenstock. We know that shoes from those brands are among the most durable, but in case they wear out over the years due to frequent use, our repair service is always available to take care of them. 

Shoe repair is more cost-effective especially if only one shoe is damaged or is experiencing problems like a loose sole, broken straps, cracked leather, or a faulty heel. Replacing the entire pair will be a waste, so consider having that damaged shoe repaired by Model Shoe Renew before you throw it away. This way, you get to save time and money, and you can still enjoy wearing your favorite footwear for years to come.