Shoe Repair Service in Richmond

Save your favorite pair of shoes and prolong its life by taking it to our shoe repair store in Berkeley. With our shoe repair service, you will never have to resort to disposing of any broken shoes, sandals, boots, or sneakers again. Model Shoe Renew is the best shoe repair service to Richmond residents and the rest of the Bay Area. Our store is easy to find in downtown Berkeley, so you can drop by with your shoes and have our skilled and knowledgeable repair specialists and cobblers perform the necessary fixes at a reasonable price. 

Model Shoe Renew is authorized to repair Birkenstocks. We can replace, repair, and restore worn out or damaged soles and straps. Our 40 years of experience in shoe repair in Richmond makes us qualified and knowledgeable when it comes to fixing and restoring designer shoes, too. We provide a guarantee for our service, so in case you are not fully happy with our work, take your shoes to our Berkeley store again, and we will repair them free of charge. 

We are the only reputable store that provides instant shoe repair in the Bay Area. Model Shoe Renew is recognized for its fast work, friendly service, and superb shoe repair and resuscitation skills. You can find our store on the main drag downtown. We are a family-run business that can repair a wide variety of shoes and other leather goods, such as handbags and luggage. Our store is your one-stop shop for the most comfortable shoes, too. 

If you find yourself walking around town and your shoes suddenly give way, head over to our store and we will repair them instantly. It can be cost-effective to have your favorite shoes repaired instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. With our repair service, your shoes will be good as new, and you can save money in the long run. Our repair service specialists use only the highest-quality materials, which may even be more durable than the original parts of your shoe. This way, our repair service can prolong the life of your favorite footwear.