Leather Jacket Repair

Here at Model Shoe Renew, we understand that your leather jacket is like your trusty best friend that can go with most of your outfits, and that is why we suggest that you do not throw it out when it tears or becomes too worn out. Instead, take your leather jacket to us for repair. We can repair all kinds of leather jackets. With our help, your jacket can look good as new. Model Shoe Renew offers cleaning, repair, and re-conditioning services, all of which can make your jacket look refreshed. Our superior craftsmanship, friendly service, and quality products make us a leading repair specialist for most leather goods, including luggage and shoes.

Our repair services cover sewing patches, fixing zippers, and adding color to places where your leather jacket may be fading. This way, any old and tattered-looking leather jacket can look like new again with simple and quick repair services. Model Shoe Renew is a family-run business that has been around since the 1960s, making us some of the most experienced repair specialists for leather, shoes, luggage, and zippers in California. Our expertise has earned us the recognition as being the 'Best of the East Bay' when it comes to leather jacket, shoe, luggage, and zipper repair.

We can repair and breathe new life to your leather jacket fast. You can find us in downtown Berkeley and come down to our shop when you notice that the quality of your leather jacket had deteriorated and may need expert repair. Some of the signs of a worn-out leather jacket that is in need of repair include loose waistband and knit cuffs, broken-down zippers, and cracking skin. These occur when the jacket has been broken in and has been worn countless times. When you notice those signs, then it is time to take your leather jacket for repair at Model Shoe Renew. We provide a guarantee for all repair services, so you can be sure that you are getting the best value and the highest-quality service.

When you take your jackets to Model Shoe Renew for repair, you can be rest assured that their original state will be restored without compromise to their authenticity or integrity. We specialize in all kinds of repair services, whether you need zippers or lining to be replaced. Our repair specialists will prolong the life of your favorite jackets so you can wear it for many more years to come. We can repair jackets from any brand or manufacturer.

Taking your jacket for repair is more cost-effective and time-saving than buying a new one. With our repair service here at Model Shoe Renew, you get to keep your favorite jacket and save hundreds of dollars by not buying a new one. Repair services are more convenient because they eliminate the need to break in a new jacket, too. Getting used to wearing a new one can take a lot of time, making repair a better solution than purchasing new jackets. Moreover, repair services eliminate the need to search through new jackets until you find the perfect one again. With our repair service, you get to keep your favorite jacket and wear it as often as you please. Our repair services can make your favorite jackets more durable and attractive, too. In fact, our repair expertise can make your jacket look brand new, your friends and family would not think that it was the same ratty piece that you owned.

Do you have a leather jacket too old and worn for you to wear in public?  At Model Shoe Renew our leather jacket repair is top notch.  We can clean and condition your leather jacket, sew broken stitching, sew patches, fix zippers and add color anywhere it might be starting to fade.  We can make your old tattered leather jacket look like new again.

Leather Jacket Repair