Birkenstock Repair

$ 98.00

Brand Model Shoe Renew

What is Included in this Service

 Full Restoration  Entire footbed is replaced with a brand new genuine Birkenstock cork footbed. New Birkenstock rubber soles are applied. The only thing that is reused are the leather upper straps. This service is a complete renewal of the sandal and the only thing that is kept from the original shoes are the leather straps. 
Full Soles  Includes full replacement of the rubber bottom soles. Cork footbed is resealed to protect from moisture and revitalize footbed. Leather uppers are conditioned and polished 
Heels Heel portion of the rubber bottoms is replaced with new Birkenstock rubber. This service is ideal for worn down/uneven heels. 


What Happens after I Purchase a Repair Service? 

  • You will receive an email confirmation with a prepaid mailing label & Instructions on how to package your items 
  • Once we receive your item repairs can take anywhere from 1-4 business days and we will contact you for any further questions or evaluations if needed. 
  • After repairs are completed we will mail your item back to you finished and renewed!

Birkenstock Repair Experts

If you think that your favorite Birkenstock sandals or shoes are beyond hope, do not throw them out yet. Take your Birkenstock shoes and sandals to our repair experts here at Model Shoe Renew. We are authorized Birkenstock cobblers. This means that we have the skills and knowledge that is necessary to repair or provide replacement to any part of your sandal or shoe. Our repair and replacement services are 100 percent guaranteed, so in the unlikely case that you are not completely happy with our work, then we will fix it again for free. 

We are very confident in the way we work. We use only the best materials for any kind of Birkenstock repair and parts replacement. We return your favorite pair of sandals and shoes looking brand new, so your friends and loved ones will think that you bought new Birkenstock footwear. If you wish to speak with one of our professional repair consultants, call Model Shoe Renew at +1(510) 843-7218 or email us at with photos of your Birkenstock sandals or shoes, so we can respond promptly with our suggestion and estimate before you agree to have us repair your footwear. 

Any Birkenstock sandal or shoe can be repaired or restored with replacement parts. Model Shoe Renew is authorized in repairing every aspect of the shoe or sandal, like the footbed. When we fix the footbed, we can replace everything but the original buckles and straps. We recommend footbed replacement if you see large splits in the cork or the soles have worn down to the cork.  We will clean and polish the uppers as part of our Birkenstock repairs. 

Model Shoe Renew can take care of Birkenstock resole work, too. We recommend this type of Birkenstock service if you notice that the treads have become smooth or if you see that less than 1/16 inch of the thickness is remaining on the sole. Our cobblers will replace the sole and reseal the exposed cork areas.