Where to Find Sole Repair Service in Birkenstock

Birkenstock is known worldwide as a shoe manufacturer specializing in comfortable footwear. One of the most popular designs from this company are their sandals, which have come to be known simply as Birkenstocks. This model is popular with both men and women in all age groups. Birkenstocks are favored for their excellent support and maximum comfort. It doesn’t hurt that they’re quite stylish, too. Some people are so accustomed to their Birkenstocks that they don’t want to buy a new pair even when the soles are already worn down. Does this sound like you? Not to worry—there are shoe repair specialists who can repair and even replace Birkenstock soles. 

Because Birkenstocks are made of corks and rubber soles, they are hard for regular shoe shops to repair. You will have to go to shoe repair specialists who can—aside from changing the entire sole of your Birkenstock—also repair the cork middle. They can also repair the foot bed if it has “flattened” due to wear. The cork will then be sealed, and the leather is conditioned and polished. 

Before you take your Birkenstocks to a shop for repair, always ask the cobbler what kind of materials they will use. The best shoe repair specialists use original Birkenstock foot beds and foot soles and not generic materials. The use of Birkenstock materials will ensure your sandals will be good as new and will remain as comfortable and durable. 

Going to regular shoe shops may do more harm than good to your favorite pair. You will want to go to a shoe specialist that is skilled and experienced in repairing Birkenstock sandals. You might also want to read reviews made by previous customers of the shoe specialist. Don’t forget to ask if they can offer a 100% guarantee.