Things to Consider While Taking Your Favorite Leather Jacket for Repair

Your favorite leather jacket will be subject to wear and tear, especially if you don it frequently, and it is often exposed to extreme weather conditions. In some cases, damage may be caused by a faulty zipper or poor stitching, or by accident, such as the jacket getting caught on something. In any case, you always have the choice to have it repaired rather than throw it away. Doing so will save you a lot of money and let you keep your favorite leather jacket, too. Here are the things to consider when taking your beloved leather jacket for repairs: 

  • The damage – Assess the problems or damages on the jacket and take note of them. This way, you can immediately inform the repair specialists about your complaints and they can immediately propose a solution and give you a quote. The extent of the damage is a huge factor in determining how long the repair will take.
  • The repair specialist – Seasoned shoe repair stores are experts in repairing leather products, so they are likely capable of repairing leather jackets, too. They have the tools, machinery, and expertise to handle and repair leather—something that a seamstress or tailor might not have. Hence, you can be sure of higher-quality results and quicker turnaround time. Be sure to choose a leather repair specialist that has many decades of experience in the industry.
  • The price – Find at least two leather and shoe repair specialists in your area and compare their prices.
  • The turnaround time – Turnaround times vary from one repair specialist to another, and that depends on the types of damages or problems on the leather jacket. Be sure to ask the repair person when you can get your jacket back. 

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