Simple Ways to Repair Your Walking Shoes at Home!!

Walking shoes are often exposed to a lot of conditions that can make them wear and tear faster, especially if you wear them on a daily basis. It makes sense to bring them to a cobbler or a reputable shoe repair specialist in Lafayette CA to have them fixed professionally. But before you go, consider checking the type of damage to see if you can repair it by yourself at home. Here are some solutions to try:

  • Prevent permanent stains – Did water, acidic liquids, sauces, juice, or wine drip stain is on your shoe? Wipe them up quickly. If your shoes got soaked in the rain, stuff the toes with newspaper and let them dry overnight. The paper should suck the water out.


  • Part of the sole is coming off – A loose sole might be a cause for concern and panic that you might think of going immediately to a shoe repair shop in Lafayette CA. However, heavy-duty super glue or a specially formulated rubber adhesive should do the trick. Just make sure that your walking shoes are completely dry and that there is no dirt or debris before applying the adhesive.


  • Fix stained or scuffed up suede upper – Stylish and trendy walking shoes may come with fancy fabrics, like suede or velvet. To refresh them, apply some steam or use a suede brush to fix them. If you have no steam iron, leave your shoes in the bathroom as you shower to let the steam from the heated water work its magic in loosening the dirt and grime.


  • Repair tears and holes – Seal the affected areas with duct tape from the inside before applying shoe glue on the open seal outside. Seal the hole or tear. Use an ice cube to spread the glue on the surface. Remove the duct tape once the glue is completely dry. If there is any excess product left on the shoe, use paint thinner or cut it off.


Not all damages can be fixed at home. Certain issues like a worn-out sole, bigger holes and tears, and ripped shoelace holes will need to be fixed or replaced by a good shoe repair specialist in Lafayette CA.