Get Your High Heels Repaired Instead of Replacing Them

How much are high-quality high heels nowadays? Bacio Rivo Heels cost around $70 retail, while El Naturalista Colibri heeled boots cost $200. These are definitely superior brands that offer shoes made of premium materials—pairs that are designed to last a long time. But with regular use coupled with the wear-and-tear caused by the environment, your branded high heels will eventually need repairs, too. Should you just throw your shoes out and buy new ones? Are high heel repairs really worth the expense?

Do the math

To figure out if it’s more practical to buy new shoes or take your favorite heels to a repair shop, compare the cost of buying a new pair with the cost of getting them replaced. Which option would help you save more money? High heels can be as cheap as $50 or as expensive as $500 and upwards depending on the brand. High heel repair services certainly make sense for more expensive shoes. In general, repairing makes sense if it will cost less than half the price of new shoes.

Type of repair

It’s also important to consider the type of repair that will be done on your shoes. Rubber sole, heel, elastic and buckle, elastic and strap, heel lining, or patch and reline are fairly easy to do. Simply go to a reputable cobbler and get your high heels repaired. But if your high heels are too worn out—for example, if the leather is already scuffed to pieces—then it’s probably best to buy a new pair.

Some people attempt to save money by replacing their heels themselves, especially now that there are a lot of tutorial videos online about DIY heel replacement. But if you are not confident about your shoe repair capabilities or do not have the right equipment, it is best to let experts handle your high heel repair. A typical job will only cost $25.