Get A Wide Range of Trendy Walking Shoes Online in Berkeley

Having the right pair of stylish and trendy walking shoes will ensure utmost comfort for long-distance trips on-foot while making sure that you look fashionable. Walking shoes are designed to help keep you moving when you need to do a lot of walking. The best pair of trendy walking shoes should not only look good—they should also prevent injuries and protect your feet from calluses and blisters. You can get a wide range of trendy walking shoes online in Berkeley from reputable shoe stores who specialize in carrying a great selection of comfortable shoes from different brands. 

Certain features will make walking shoes comfortable to wear for extended periods. Some of the most important features you should consider are shock absorption and a lightweight build. Not all walking shoes will have gel pads and roll bars, but certain qualities can make provide ample cushioning and keep you stable as you walk. Be sure to look out for the following helpful features when shopping for trendy walking shoes: 

  • Ankle collar – It will ensure a proper fit while cushioning your ankle as you walk, especially when traversing rough or uneven terrain.
  • Achilles notch – This feature will reduce the stress on your Achilles tendon.
  • Insole – Make sure that it has enough cushions for your arch and foot. Some walking shoes have removable insoles, so you can wash or air them out when not in use.
  • Mesh, synthetic, or leather upper – The upper is the aspect of the shoe that holds the footwear on to your feet. Consider a mesh upper that breathes. It is lightweight, too.
  • Shock absorption in the midsole – This feature provides additional comfort and cushioning, too.
  • Treads and grooves – Look for an outsole that offers good traction to prevent slipping, especially when walking on wet ground.
  • A roomy toe box – Go for a round toe shape for the toe box to prevent bunions and calluses. It will encourage good circulation, too.
  • Roll bars and gel pads – The roll bar stabilizes the feet if they tend to roll inward each time they strike the ground, and the gel pad reduces the impact and provides cushioning when you take a step.