Birkenstocks Repair – The Basics

Birkenstock is one of the leading brands when it comes to comfortable and rugged footwear. Its shoes are designed to allow your feet to move freely by conforming naturally to their contours and by offering all-around support. While its sandals, clogs, and shoes are among the most durable footwear, constant use, and certain situations could wear out the soles or damage some of its parts. Having your Birkenstocks repaired can be more cost-effective (and more environment friendly) than buying a new pair. Reputable shoe repair specialists specialize in Birkenstocks repair, and with their help, your favorite footwear can look and feel good as new. 

Always make sure that the cobblers are authorized and experienced in repairing Birkenstocks. This will ensure the highest-quality craftsmanship and quicker turnaround. Moreover, you can be sure that they will use durable materials to keep your Birkenstocks in perfect condition for a much longer time. There are four common types of repairs for Birkenstocks: 

  1. Soft footbed replacement – Everything will be replaced except the buckles and original straps. This repair service is best if there are big splits in the sandal's cork or if the soles are completely worn out.
  2. Footbed replacement – The cobbler will retain the original buckles and straps, but will replace the worn footbed with a new signature footbed, and replace the sole.
  3. Resole – The sandal's soles will be replaced when the treads have become smooth. This repair is also the best option when the sole is already less than 1/16 inches thick. The Birkenstocks repair specialist will reseal the exposed cork area.
  4. Heel wedge repair – Heel treads will be replaced when they have become smooth, or the sole has shrunk to about less than 1/16 inches thick. Reputable Birkenstock repair specialists use high-quality replacement EVA to match the original one, then reseal the exposed cork area. 

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