Model Shoe Renew Offers Attractive Free Gifts with Any Shoes Order

 Berkeley, CA, 28thAug, 2015 – Model Shoe Renew is offering attractive free gifts to their customers on ordering for any shoes from their online store.

 Model Shoe Renew is popular among its customers for coming up with new offers to satisfy their customers in the best possible way. To make shopping more exciting they have come up with an idea of giving free gifts to the customer who purchases a pair of shoes at their store.

 In the Bay Area, Model Shoe Renew is one of the leading instant shoe repair store. Their wide range services includes: repairing of -shoes, bags, zipper & more. Besides repairing, they also have a wide collection of high quality shoes and accessories for both men and women at their online store. Model Shoe Renew offers superior craftsmanship, finest quality products all well knitted with friendly service. Their friendly services exhibit dedication and care for their customers. They strive to provide them with the best service possible. To maintain this relationship with their customers they have come up with a new idea. They are giving a chance to the customer to win assured free gifts who buys a pair of shoe or more from Model Shoe Renew.

  “We have always aimed at satisfying customers by providing them high quality products at reasonable prices. This inspires me and my efficient team to provide our customers with new and innovative offers”, says Peter Kemel, the owner of Model Shoe Renew. Model Shoe Renew has been a family owned and operated business from the last 69 years. And, if you are looking for a shoe repair service or want to buy cool and trendy shoes online, then Model Shoe Renew is the right place for you. They not only specialize in repair and modifications of shoes but also offer a wide range of shoes and bags online.

 The Yogi Magazine also stated that “Model Shoe Renews friendly service, quick work and outstanding recovery skills have made them a shoulder you can lean on for shoe repair”. Model Shoe Renew prides themselves for rendering high quality of products. And the overwhelming factor that makes the store renowned is the excellent and dedicated customer service.

 A visit to Model Shoe Renew will give you a different experience. You can check out the latest collection of shoes, boots, wedges and more at reasonable rates. You are sure to find the pair of shoes that will best suit your needs. And with the chance to win an assured gift in return from Model Shoe Renew, is a blessing in disguise.

 About The Company:

Model Shoe Renew is one of the best shoe repair stores in the Bay Area. They help in repairing shoes or any specialty item that needs repair or modifications. Also, their entire shoe repair is guaranteed. Model Shoe Renew also offers varieties of shoes and accessories at their online store. They have a team of experts who are experienced and well prepared to help find shoes that fits you right. They will help you in the best way they can.

Contact Person: Peter Kemel

Address: 1934 Shattuck Ave,

Berkeley, CA


Phone: (510) 843-7218