Sanita vs Dansko

Since the early 1990s until August 2007, all Dansko Professional clogs and all Dansko Stapled Clogs had been manufactured by Sanita in Europe. The distribution agreement between Dansko and Sanita ended in August 2007. Shortly after that time, Sanita began distributing the same products directly in the US under their own name.

If you have a pair of Dansko stapled clogs purchased before 2008, look at the bottom of the sole and you will see patent 0060240 engraved into the sole. This indicates that your clogs were made by Sanita according to their patented construction. If you have a pair of really old Dansko clogs, you may even see Sanitastamped on the bottom as well as the patent number mentioned above. If the logo or number is missing, then you have a new Dansko product that was introduced in 2008. The new Dansko clogs are made by various manufacturers around the world based on a re-design of the Sanita clog. According to Dansko's printed catalog information, they have introduced structural innovations to enhance the performance of these clogs; improved lateral stability, better shock absorption, more secure heel strike and improved aesthetics. Visually, the clogs look very similar, however the new Dansko is wider across the heel and has a curved up sole in the back of the heel. On the other hand, Sanita has been delivering the Original product made by the same materials, by the same artisans, in the same Sanita >owned factory.

So in summary, if you are looking at buying the identical Dansko stapled clog that was sold in the US pre-2008, you would want the Sanita brand.

Shopping for clogs can get confusing as both companies are using the same style names, such as: Professional, Sonja, Karl, Ingrid, etc.

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