Keep your Shoes in Shape


Here at Model Shoe Renew we are all about reducing waste by making shoes last. After years of owning the same pair of shoes, they tend to lose their shape, specially when not worn as often. We offer satisfaction guaranteed shoe stretch service in the store. If you would like to keep the shape of your shoes when not in use, then try using a shoe tree inside your favorite pair. We sell many brands, but our best are now available online for anyone to purchase. The cedar shoe trees offer an aromatic scent of natural cedar wood which neutralizes odor in shoes and absorbs the moisture caused by sweat in all shoes.

Dasco Bouquet Shoe Trees - $6.99


Acme Woman's Wooden Classic Shoe Shapers - $14.99


J.T. Foot Shoe Trees - $5.99

Moneysworth & Best Shoe Shaper (Women's) - $8.99

Rochester Ladies Shoe Trees - $25.99


Rochester Shoe Trees - $35.99

Star Professional Shoe Stretcher - $33.99