So Fresh and So Clean

Even the most delicate shoes are a dark, sweaty breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. You can’t completely remove it, but you can control the stench. Freezing your shoes for twelve hours will kill the bacteria, but if you don't have time or space in your freezer for that, try the Kiwi Select Fresh Force Shoe Freshner. Control your odor all day with this upside-down dual aerosol. Its innovative design allows all odor to be blasted out from all angles.

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Active people tend to get dirty, but if you are serious about keeping your sneakers clean, try an easy-fix gel for all types of footwear. The Four Seasons Gel Shoe Cleaner uses a safe, easy to use water based formula to gently remove grime. Its convenient 4 oz bottle makes it easy to take with you on the go!

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