Make Your Birkenstocks Brand New

Birkenstocks often come with an earth-loving, environment-conscious stigma attached to them. People often find them so comfortable, that they wear them down until they are completely destroyed. You may consider buying a new pair, but if you want to save some money and save some resources, we highly recommend getting them repaired at Model Shoe Renew.

    Our Work:

    Full Soles, Footbed, and Shine


    Full Soles, Shine, and Cork Glue



    Common Repairs Include:

    • recementing uppers to cork
    • cleaning
    • sealing
    • replacing the sole
    • half sole
    • recork
    • change the buckle
    • heels
    • footbed
    • shine
    • strap repair


    We never cut corners and only use Birkenstock brand products for repairing. Birki soles are well stocked. Brass and silver buckle options as well as all size genuine footbeds are available.