Pedifix Hammer Toe Cushion

$ 10.99

Brand Pedifix

PediFix Hammer Toe Crest Suede 3/Pack Features: Cushions and supports hammer claw mallet arthritic and bent-under toes. Helps ease ball of foot pain often associated with hammer toes. Relieves toe-tip corns pressure. Material: Suede/Leather. Description: PediFix Hammer Toe Crests help relieve various hammer toe-type conditions. They support bent-under toes while easing pressure on toe tips and reducing stress on metatarsal shafts. An adjustable elastic toe loop helps keep cushion in place without adhesives. These pads go in the sulcus of your toes and act to straighten your toes and act to straighten your toes while you wear them. Leather crest pads are firmer than silicone pads.

  • Fantastic invention to assist in greater foot comfort
  • Relieves forefoot pain
  • Reduces stress on hammer or bent-over toes
  • Helps prevent blisters, corns and calluses
  • Toe loop is adjustable and holds pad comfortably in place
  • Soft, felt-covered pad supports bent-under hammer, claw, mallet and arthritic toes. Relieves pressure on toe tips to help prevent corns, calluses and blisters. Makes walking easier. Eases forefoot pain, too. Adjustable toe loop holds cushion securely in place.