Loose and worn-out soles, broken heels and straps, and faded leather are some of the most common problems you can find in shoes. But before you consider disposing your favorite footwear, take them to our expert and skilled cobblers at Model Shoe Renew, Berkeley. Come down from Albany to our store downtown on the main drag in Berkeley with your shoes, and let our repair specialists examine them and give you an estimate of the service. We can repair just about any footwear from running shoes to combat boots, Birkenstocks, sandals, and stilettos. 

Model Shoe Renew is a family-run store and shoe repair service center since 1960. Our decades of experience in shoe repair and selling shoes make us the go-to store of many Albany and Berkeley residents. People love us for our friendly service, excellent workmanship, and quick turnaround. If you want to verify our claims, check out our reviews on Yelp and see what satisfied customers have to say about our repair service and comfortable shoes for sale in our store

Our shoe repair store is qualified to fix Birkenstocks. Our cobblers have the skills and experience to repair designer shoes, too. With Model Shoe Renew, you do not have to resort to throwing away any broken shoe any more. Drop by at our shop downtown to have our repair specialists examine the problem with your shoe and they will give you an estimate. Our shoe repair service is more cost-effective than when you buying a new pair of footwear, especially if the damage is minimal and the shoe is highly salvageable. 

Model Shoe Renew uses only the highest-quality materials to replace parts and repair your shoe or sandal, making our service highly regardsed for extending the life of all kinds of footwear. In most cases, our repair specialists can make your shoes more durable in the long run, too. And in case you find our workmanship to be faulty, return your shoe to our service center and we will repair it again at no cost to you. Our repair guarantee will save you time and money by eliminating the need to look for another cobbler in the Bay Area. 

If you have any questions, call our repair services hotline at 510-843-7218 or drop by at our shop. Be sure to explore this website for in-store and online promos to get 10 percent off on repair services.