Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

$ 38.95

Brand Powerstep

Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx features a uniquely designed heel that offers mildly angled platform for maximum support. The Pinnacle Maxx increases foot comfort and stability in work, athletic or casual shoes with its EVA foam cushioning and anti-microbial top layer to reduce heat and friction, as well as with its firmer shell. WEARING/FITTING DIRECTIONS: Remove the shoe’s existing insoles if possible and replace with your Powerstep insoles. Trim edges if needed to fit. If necessary, wear a few hours a day until feet are accustomed to better support, and then wear full time. Suggest wearing Powerstep insoles in all your shoes, even slippers, to give continuous foot support. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Spot clean with a mild detergent. Do not immerse in water. Air dry only. Replace your Powerstep insoles as needed depending on wear. WARNING: Not intended for persons with severe foot deformities or circulatory disorders resulting in infections or foot ulcerations. Consult your podiatrist or medical professional before using. Always consult a medical professional when experiencing persistent pain, discomfort or swelling

#1 Podiatrist Recommended Shoe Insole Brand*

The Pinnacle Maxx Full Length Orthotic has a firmer shell and angled heel platform for greater control and support. Encapsulated design with a semi-rigid shell with plush foam for comfort. Increases stability and comfort in casual, athletic and work shoes.

An ideal orthotic insert for preventing and alleviating pain.