Resole All Types of Shoes at Model Shoe Renew

At our store in Berkeley, not only do we sell shoes with great soles, we also do top-rated shoe repair! Our shoe cobblers do many types of sole repair throughout the day regarding half soles, replacement soles, and sole protection. Model Shoe Renew can resole Birkenstocks, designer heels, dress shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, and more! We only use the highest possible quality leather soles and we offer Vibram soles for people that want to keep wearing their shoes for years down the road.    
January 17, 2015 by Edelle Schlegel

High Quality Shoe Repair Services

Model Shoe Renew does what the name says, we renew your shoes! Satisfaction guaranteed. People bring in shoes that are on the brink of destruction. We are able to make them look new again!Common Repairs Include:•sole repair  -vibram  -half sole  -full sole   -sole protection   -add height•hook or eyelet repair•waterproofing •condition leather•fix cracks or holes•stretching   -length  -width  -instep  -bunion  -toe box•fix zipper•polish•shine•taps•re-color/re-dye Examples of shoes made brand new again:   These are just a few of the many personalized fixes we've made. Bring them into the store for a free consultation and price estimate. Ask us questions about...