Repairing Tips for Genuine Leather Handbags

With proper care, a genuine leather handbag can last you years to a lifetime. However, even the most careful handbag owner can experience rips and tears on their prized arm candy. Thankfully, you can always turn to a local handbag repair shop for help in restoring your favorite piece to its former glory. Leather handbags, while known for their extreme durability, are not impervious to everything. They can also be vulnerable to scratches, rips, and tears when caught on sharp edges. Fortunately, a handbag repair shop is equipped with everything your bag might need to restore its appearance, all while...
January 22, 2018 by BOTROS Kemel
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Model Shoe Renew Offers Attractive Free Gifts with Any Shoes Order

 Berkeley, CA, 28thAug, 2015 – Model Shoe Renew is offering attractive free gifts to their customers on ordering for any shoes from their online store.  Model Shoe Renew is popular among its customers for coming up with new offers to satisfy their customers in the best possible way. To make shopping more exciting they have come up with an idea of giving free gifts to the customer who purchases a pair of shoes at their store.  In the Bay Area, Model Shoe Renew is one of the leading instant shoe repair store. Their wide range services includes: repairing of -shoes,...
September 20, 2015 by Khaled Turkmani

Simple ways to repair women shoes

Are you worried about the tear in your favorite party sandals? There are now some simple techniques that you can use, to get your shoes back in shape and with the help of an online cobbler. Footwear is a part of our wardrobe that we love and cherish. Often we end up spending an exorbitant amount for our shoes. And those you have a fetish for shoes, they want the shoes to last for a lifetime. Since a slight damage to the sole or heals can be detrimental to the life of a shoe, there is a need for ensuring...
August 29, 2015 by Khaled Turkmani

Western Boot Re-Sole

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls, we know how expensive western boots retail for. The obvious answer to daily wear and tear is don't buy another pair, get a repair! Hey that sort of rhymed! Ranchers and horseback riders are constantly wearing down the bottom of their soles through daily activities, do not let them get destroyed before it's too late, bring them in when you know it's time. We offer Vibram protection and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Louis Boutin Heel Repair

  Our expert cobblers have a lifetime of experience repairing designer heels. We guarantee the highest quality repairs. We can cut the heel down, heel lining, re-sole, change color, clean, and more. Many of our loyal customers do not trust any other place with their valuable footwear. Here at Model Shoe Renew, we know shoes and the importance of repairing them the right way. Try us out and see if we can save you a lot more time and money than any other option in the Bay Area.   Contact us HERE

Leather Jacket Repair

Along with shoes, bags, belts, wallets, and pants, we also repair leather jackets. common leather fixes Include: change color clean and condition renew/refinish color fix/change zipper change buckles and buttons fix tears and rips velcrow waterproofing Bring in any of your damaged leather products, and see what we can do to help you and make them look new again.    

We Repair All Kinds of Bags

Is your favorite designer bag collecting dust in your closet because you just cannot toss it? Don't throw it away, we can make it look brand new again for a significantly lower price than you purchased it for. Bags we repair on a daily basis: handbag shoulder bag wallet tote purse man bag backpack/book bag computer case clutch satchel fanny pack old vintage brand new Common repair jobs: scuffs and stains color change and re-dye tears and rips hole patch stitching and lining zipper repair/change straps suede and leather buttons wash and clean   The blue dye rubs off of...

Women's Heel Repair

    On an average day, the most common repairs we do are on women's heels. Many ladies come to Model Shoe Renew as their last hope for fixing shoes that have been chewed on by their puppies. We guarantee we will make them look new again. Our skilled cobblers have been repairing shoes for decades. The superior craftsmanship is appreciated by our very loyal customers.   Before you toss them in the trash, bring them in for an estimate. Save money by repairing instead of replacing. About 2.4 billion shoes are sold in the U.S. each year. Re-using your shoes is a great way to leave a lighter footprint on...