New Year, New You, New Shoes

As the New Year approaches, many people want to start fresh and redo their look. At Model Shoe Renew, we are here to help you update your style. Not only do we have a huge selection of unique Berkeley-style shoes, we can also redye your favorite pair! Are you sick of the same color every day, but can't quite give up your go-to pair of shoes? No worries, we can dye them any color you choose. Bring in your favorite shirt, sock, or pillow and we can match your shoes to that color!   
December 20, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel

Change Color Before and After

Whether you need to brighten up a pair of dull shoes or change the color completely, Model Shoe Renew can do the trick. Bring in a piece of cloth or interesting object with your desired color on it and we will match the color. We make sure to carefully mix the dyes until the color is as close to possible (sometimes almost exact). Today we dyed a pair of Keens black. Before: After:
May 31, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel

High Quality Shoe Repair Services

Model Shoe Renew does what the name says, we renew your shoes! Satisfaction guaranteed. People bring in shoes that are on the brink of destruction. We are able to make them look new again!Common Repairs Include:•sole repair  -vibram  -half sole  -full sole   -sole protection   -add height•hook or eyelet repair•waterproofing •condition leather•fix cracks or holes•stretching   -length  -width  -instep  -bunion  -toe box•fix zipper•polish•shine•taps•re-color/re-dye Examples of shoes made brand new again:   These are just a few of the many personalized fixes we've made. Bring them into the store for a free consultation and price estimate. Ask us questions about...

We Repair All Kinds of Bags

Is your favorite designer bag collecting dust in your closet because you just cannot toss it? Don't throw it away, we can make it look brand new again for a significantly lower price than you purchased it for. Bags we repair on a daily basis: handbag shoulder bag wallet tote purse man bag backpack/book bag computer case clutch satchel fanny pack old vintage brand new Common repair jobs: scuffs and stains color change and re-dye tears and rips hole patch stitching and lining zipper repair/change straps suede and leather buttons wash and clean   The blue dye rubs off of...