Blundstone Boots in Berkeley & Beyond

  Blundstone boots are simple and comfortable boots you can slip on for your daily errands or during a weekend adventure outdoors! These boots are made from genuine leather and provide a comfortable cushions EVA sole. The elastic side bands make for an easy slip-on and slip-off.  You can try a pair of Blundstone Boots in store at our Berkeley location: Model Shoe Renew or order a pair from our online store. They qualify for free shipping too, use code FALLSEASON at checkout to redeem this offer.  Model Shoe Renew is the only store in the Bay Area that carries...
January 15, 2019 by Shadia Kemel

How to Shop for Shoes at Online Shoe Store Without Getting Confused by Different Offers

With the number of shoe store Berkeley retailers selling shoes and services online, the choices can be a tad overwhelming, especially for an inexperienced shopper. However, if you want the full benefits of shopping in the comfort of your home, knowing these tips on smart online shoe shopping can help you get the most out of your home shopping experience. Here are some useful insights on online shoe store Berkeley and smart deals hunting that you should keep in mind as you shop for shoes online: Make sure that you know your correct size. One of the biggest hurdles many...
January 17, 2018 by BOTROS Kemel

Buy Trendy Shoes at Cheap Prices in Emeryville Shoe Store

Budget shoe shopping is an art that any shoe lover must learn and practice, if you want to grow your collection. When you are in the market for cheap shoes, it is important to remember that cheap should never mean poor quality. Just because the price tags on a shoe store in Emeryville is on the cheap side doesn’t mean that what they are selling is of lesser quality. Sometimes, it is through these stores that you can find some of the best buys you will ever discover as you search for the perfect pieces to add to your “floor-drobe.”...
January 06, 2018 by BOTROS Kemel

Check Out Winter Arrivals of Shoes at Different Shoe Stores in Berkeley

Winter has arrived and so have the collections of new footwear available at different shoe stores in Berkeley. Searching for your next pair can be an exciting quest—especially if you take the shopping experience online where you can enjoy instant access to different styles in a few clicks. Simply check the online store’s winter shoe collections, pick the style that you want, choose a color, and then check out. Ready to shop? Here are some of the things to consider when viewing winter shoe arrivals in different boutiques.   There’s no harm in sticking to a budget It’s easy to...
December 02, 2017 by BOTROS Kemel

New Year, New You, New Shoes

As the New Year approaches, many people want to start fresh and redo their look. At Model Shoe Renew, we are here to help you update your style. Not only do we have a huge selection of unique Berkeley-style shoes, we can also redye your favorite pair! Are you sick of the same color every day, but can't quite give up your go-to pair of shoes? No worries, we can dye them any color you choose. Bring in your favorite shirt, sock, or pillow and we can match your shoes to that color!   
December 20, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel