Sanita vs Dansko

Since the early 1990s until August 2007, all Dansko Professional clogs and all Dansko Stapled Clogs had been manufactured by Sanita in Europe. The distribution agreement between Dansko and Sanita ended in August 2007. Shortly after that time, Sanita began distributing the same products directly in the US under their own name. If you have a pair of Dansko stapled clogs purchased before 2008, look at the bottom of the sole and you will see patent 0060240 engraved into the sole. This indicates that your clogs were made by Sanita according to their patented construction. If you have a pair...
June 03, 2015 by Khaled Turkmani


Good soles are much like tires for a car. There are always cheaper brands out there and someone willing to replace them for next to nothing. But cheap tires can ruin the drive of a luxury automobile and always end up failing sooner than later. Shoe soles are the same. If you have invested in a fine pair of shoes. HOW TO DETERMINE IF SOLES NEED TO BE REPLACED It is important that you replace the soles of your shoes before you wear holes into them. There are three ways to evaluate whether your soles need to be replaced: Press into...
May 25, 2015 by Khaled Turkmani


Your shoes heel broken , need to fix. We can fix it for you.  Our work is 100% Guaranteed, which means that if any of our work becomes faulty, we will fix it free of charge.We are very confident in our work, and we use the best materials for any kind of repair. To speak to our Repair Consultant with any questions please call us at  +1(510) 843-7218Also, you can email us, attaching your shoes photos, we will reply with our Buy Men's Heel Repair Other Types of Repair we provide it: Shoe Shine  Heel Plates Stretching  Dyeing Shoe Repair...
May 25, 2015 by Khaled Turkmani

Zipper Repair for Shoes, Bags, and Luggage!

Here at Model Shoe Renew, we can repair zippers on any item. We have a wide selection of YKK high quality zippers, with 50 different color and size options. We have over 70 years of experience repairing items that needs zipper replacement. Come to Model Shoe Renew in Downtown Berkeley today, to have the best quality work possible.    Here is just a very small sample of what we can use      
May 21, 2015 by Dan Balducci

Tiny Tour: Stretching

Welcome to another addition to the Tiny Tour series. Stretching is one of our specialties. We use the finest stretching machines, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. If you pay for a stretch, but need a little more, we will keep stretching without any additional payments until you are happy with the result.