Repair your heels and save the earth!

On an average day, the most common repairs we do are on women's heels.  We can repair cracked heels, high heels, low heels, boot heels, and more! Customize your height by having us cut the heel down or build it up. Our skilled cobblers have been repairing shoes for decades. Before you toss them in the trash, bring them in for an estimate. Save money by repairing instead of replacing. About 2.4 billion shoes are sold in the U.S. each year. Re-using your shoes is a great way to leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

Model Shoe Renew fix the destroyed Heel

When people bring in their heels chewed off by dogs, we perform a recovery heel operation. We will replace the leather around the heel stem to make the heels look like new. Afterwards, we dye the heel to match the original color of the shoe. We are highly specialized in this area of repair because we do it all the time. Model Shoe Renew guarantees we can make your shoe look brand new again!
December 20, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel