Fix Your Danskos Here

A large amount of our Berkeley shoppers enjoy wearing their Dansko sandals daily. Frequent wear and tear usually results in rips and a worn down sole. Before considering throwing away perfectly good clogs, let us fix them up for a large fraction of the cost of buying a brand new pair. Examples of Our Work: Dansko Sandal - Rips Dansko Clog - Vibram Heel Resole Dansko Sandal - Repair Strap and Buckle

We Love Nurses and Teachers Sale!

Model Shoe Renew values people that work hard to contribute to society. Specially people that are on their feet all day long. If you need extra arch support for special foot comfort, then check out our wide range of products. Teachers and Nurses receive and additional 10% off any shoe, flip flop, or clog purchase. The Professional Cabrio is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.   Don't forget to take care of your feet on your days off as well. We sell orthaheel orthatic flip flops. Our products are approved by US foot doctors such as Dr. Andrew Weil.

Sanita Xenia

The Sanita Xenia is a patent leather professional clog from the Colored Outsole Collection. The Sanita professional is designed specifically around the foundation of the sole, creating a subtle rocking motion that propels you forward while taking pressure off each step. This movement reduces the strain on your lower back and legs, so you can live a lifestyle that allows you to feel good - all the way down to your toes! Approx. 1 3/4" heel height. Approx. 3/4" platform height. Two Tone Trim/Upper. Medium width. Hand-stapled construction. All Sanita clogs are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. They...
April 08, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel