Bring Your Precious Boots Back to Life with the Best Repair Shops

Your choice of footwear says a lot about your personal style and your comfort preferences. More than these, it can also impact your posture, the way you walk, and the way you present yourself. When your favorite pair of shoes is starting to show signs of wear, don’t be quick to toss it in the trash to buy brand new. Sometimes, in fact most of the time, your favorite boots can be restored to its former glory by taking it to the right repair shop. Instead of adding to the world’s mounting waste crisis, why not take the more ecologically...
January 02, 2018 by BOTROS Kemel

New Boots for Sale and Repair

Check out our large selection of durable boots while you get your favorite pair redone. Blundstone 500 - Stout Brown OTBT Bridgeman - Mud OTBT Maddox - Brown   A good pair of boots can last a lifetime if you take care of them.  Even the best pair of boots will need servicing eventually.  If you have a pair of boots with worn soles or heels, or even if the tread is down, bring them to Model Shoe Renew.
February 14, 2015 by Edelle Schlegel

New Leather Boots from OTBT or Repair Your Old Pair at Model Shoes Berkeley

Model Shoe Renew is the #1 Repair Shop in the Bay Area! We have a specialized repairmen repairing all types of boots almost every day of the week. We guarantee customer satisfaction on all of our work. Check out some of our work here. If you would like to purchase a pair of boots, browse our large selection online or inside the store at 1934 Shattuck Ave. The Grey Hartland Boot from OTBT is a popular fall boot among our local Berkeley customers. The buckle ads some adjustment and a nice flair to this casual short boot. Switch up the...
August 30, 2014 by Edelle Schlegel