Helpful Tips to Find Top Shoe Store in Berkeley CA

Whether you simply love shoes or you are looking to buy a new pair that is comfortable for daily wear, finding a top shoe store in Berkeley CA should be your top priority. Buying shoes may seem a straightforward process, but there are certain aspects that require careful thought. Apart from knowing the type of shoe that you want, it pays to do a bit of research on the shoe store where you can buy the pair for a reasonable price. Here are helpful tips that can help you find the top shoe store in Berkeley:

  • Choose only the best – Look up a highly recommended and leading shoe store in the Bay Area that is known for its high-quality products, good customer service, and friendly staff. Find out what customers and local publications are saying about the business. For instance, a leading shoe store and shoe repair specialist in Berkeley was voted ‘Best of the East Bay’ and was praised by Yogi Magazine for its service.
  • Learn the background of the store – Consider a reputable and established family-run business that has been around for decades. The number of years in business should be a good indicator of the store’s trustworthiness and good reputation. Verify those qualities by exploring reviews on Yelp and by looking up blog posts and testimonials from customers in other websites.
  • Explore the brands that are carried by that store – The best Berkeley shoe store carries high-quality shoes from reputable brands like Sanita, Soft Spots, Aerosoles, and El Naturalista.
Look for perks from that store – Top shoe stores in Berkeley offer free shipping for any order. As a bonus, some of them offer special discounts and promos on certain shoes, too. Make sure that the store has secure payment options, especially if you want to buy online.
November 19, 2016 by BOTROS Kemel
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